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Abadiania is one of the most magical places on this planet. It is a very special place indeed, for it has been endowed with the ability to allow departed souls and spiritual entities to communicate directly with human beings. For decades, the medium Joao de Deos been acting as conduit for a wide array of helpful and healing energies. Millions of people sought and found healing here and Sylvia Leifheit was one of them.While at Abadiania, one of the spiritual entities told her that she was to receive a special gift. In time, she developed the gift of psychography, allowing her to serve as a conduit for the spiritual entities of Abadiania in her own right.Spiritual Initiation by the Entities of Abadiania is the first book in Sylvia Leifheits upcoming series INTERVIEWS. With these books, she aims to bring the readers into closer contact with the spiritual world through her gift of communication with spiritual entities. Spiritual Initiation by the Entities of Abadiania introduces the reader to most of the spiritual entities residing in Abadiania. Through Sylvias intimate conversations, we will get a glimpse of the entities personalities while at the same time receiving a holistic impression of their work in this extraordinary place. They present us with a wide spectrum of their personal experiences, during their lifetimes as well as during the transition into other states of being, offering their very personal perspective on subjects such as religion or the state of mankind. Sylvia Leifheits very human approach to these questions immediately creates an atmosphere of comfort and relaxation, allowing the reader to fully open up to these special messages from beyond the veil.If you are ready, you will not only come into closer contact with your soul but also learn to heal it, in Abadiania or anywhere else!

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